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Screw Pile Foundation Solutions

For all your screw piling needs, please contact our This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for an appointment to discuss your project requirements and how you can be connected to one our pre-approved registered installers throughout New Zealand


Some Commonly Asked Questions



Can Screw Piles be used in shallow foundation situations?




What do the GCS / geoLOGIC Screw Piles look like and how do they come together?

Our system is modular. The sections are typically in 2m lengths for ease of handling. Each section is connected together using our orange head bolted solution. No welding is required.




Can I use Screw Piles for all three DHB Foundation Technical Categories TC1, TC2 and TC3?

Yes – Remember that Screw Piles are an engineered solution. As suppliers we can recommend engineers familiar with our proprietary Screw Pile solution so that the necessary Producer Statements can be furnished. Remember that good foundation design is based on a robust geotechnical report.



What documentation should I expect for Screw Piles?

1. Producer Statement (PS1) Design
2. Peer / Design Review Only - Producer
Statement (PS2) Not Typically Provided
3. Producer Statement (PS4) Construction
Review – (comment of piling log records
only) 4. Producer Statement (PS3) Construction



What has the Department of Building & Housing said in its Interim guidance for repairing and rebuilding foundations in TC3?

“The Department’s technical guidance for rebuilding and repairing foundations in TC3 aims to provide guidance and solutions that result in compliance with the Building Act 2004 and the Building Code.”



Access to Product in Christchurch

Maugers Contracting Ltd is ready with GCS / geoLOGIC Screw Piles in Christchurch for the rebuild. Maugers have aligned with GCS as distributors and installers specialising in the 60 to 89 sized Screw Piles.




Our Trusted Design Engineers Who Champion Our Screw Piles

Kevin O’Connor & Associates Ltd



Pre-Approved GCS Screw Pile Installers


faulton hogan.jpg

Richardsons drilling

spiral drillers.jpg



Technical Drilling Services


Modular Building Solutions Using GCS Screw Piles

Carpe Diem Contracting and consulting LTD

Containers Direct Intertrade Ltd


Screw Pile Foundation Solutions

Screw Pile Foundation Solutions

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